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this includes puppies (or any baby animals), turkey, corsets, wigs, sleeping in, my iPhone, coffee...
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    A snippet from an article on Huffington Post about what it means to be working poor.

    Pretty spot on…

    I got into an argument today with someone who is a landlord, and they were outraged, outraged, to find that their evicted tenants owned an Xbox 360. Never mind that the console was ten years old and worth perhaps $50 on Craigslist, they were outraged that their evicted tenants did not sell it, along with the very clothes on their back, to pay their back rent. I tried to explain to him that when you are $1800 in back rent, $50 isn’t even a dent in that debt. Why bother? Why bother selling that $50 item if it isn’t going to get you any less evicted? If it’s not going to save you, you’ll hold on to it. Money becomes meaningless when you’ll never have enough to hold onto. You just let it flow like water through your hands. It’s all gone anyways, no matter what you do. It was gone before it ever touched you.

    This is what middle-class people and above never understand.

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    B E A U TIful : D Just haven't said it to ya in awhile thought id remind you incase you forgot

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