Rock like fxck

I'm AG! Graphic designer & hobby costumer/cosplayer. I like too many things to list;
this includes puppies (or any baby animals), turkey, corsets, wigs, sleeping in, my iPhone, coffee...
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  • ok your medusa cosplay is literally incredible, i haven't seen any medusa cosplay as good as yours i mean oh my gosh, the hair and the boots and ahhhhhhhhhhhhh im sorry i had to say something about it because its amazing!

    Asked by Anonymous

    HI! Aaaahhh!! I’m glad you liked my cosplay, especially the boots (as well as the hair of course), I love making boots/boot covers and spent a lot of time on them — and lots of time on the wig! Thanks so much for the lovely message. anon! <3

    Your Medusa wig is a work of art. Came out totally amazing!

    Asked by Anonymous

    Thanks anon!!! I am super proud of it!!

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